What's New?

Now is the season for road repairs, site clearing and yard debris. This time of
year as our weather begins to dry it makes for a better gravel road or pad
when compacting. Plus the added benefit of ridding yourself of those nasty
pot holes. Call us today for your FREE!!! estimate and to see our smiling

Bill McTurnal Enterprises is your one place to turn to for all your Demolition,
Septic, Site Prep and Landscaping needs. We pride ourselves in job well done
and will not rest until your project is complete to your satisfaction.
We've been
in business since 1989
 and have a culmination of over 75 years of experience.
We work in Mason, Thurston, Lewis
, Kitsap and Grays Harbor Counties. We
can also provide you with materials from rock to topsoil to compost. We have
our compost tested to ensure a high quality product that we use in our own
What We Do

Bill McTurnal Enterprises have all the big toys and we love to use them. When it
comes to excavation we are excellent at what we do. And what do we do? We
can clear your land, prep you site for a new home, build your road, design and
install your septic system and more. If you have an old home or mobile home
that needs to go away before you can sell or build, NO PROBLEM. We have
performed hundreds... yes hundreds of demolitions in our years of business.
Even better we are an AHERA building inspector for asbestos, and if you use
our company on your demolition the inspection is FREE. We can handle the
permits and take care of the ORCAA requirements.
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